Sophie Donaldson: ‘Jenny gives the Lo-down on how to survive such nakedly ambitious times’


Sophie Donaldson: ‘Jenny gives the Lo-down on how to survive such nakedly ambitious times’

Jennifer Lopez posed nearly nude at nearly 50 and no one was laughing, writes Sophie Donaldson

Jennifer Lopez posing for 'Instyle'
Jennifer Lopez posing for ‘Instyle’

The world can be a cruel place to women of a certain age who wear clothing that has been daubed with that ambiguous but damning moniker: age-inappropriate.

Even more absurd than the notion that any clothing, beyond size 000 smock dresses and child-sized dungarees, are suitable for only a certain period of a woman’s life, is that this ageist, sexist, misogynistic ‘rule’ of dressing has no rules at all. There exists no definitive set of items that are barred after menopause – depending on which dullard you ask, it could range from skinny jeans to chiffon blouses, knee-high boots and Doc Martens. Chances are, form-fitting polo necks are fine, leather leggings are not. And bodycon dresses? Don’t even think about it.

Which is why a photograph of 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez, naked save for a shimmering Valentino cape draped over half her sculpted modesty, published last week as part of her cover story for the December issue of Instyle, was poised for a savage trolling. I waited with bated breath for the Piers Morgans of the world to snippily pass a remark on her age, her motherhood, her sheer audacity to think that her nearly 50-year-old body is worthy of a nude photoshoot. All I found was breathless admiration; half-naked JLo “wows” and “stuns”, looks “incredible”, “amazing at 49”, “stunning”, and “better than ever!”

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